Under 16 Girls Northern Conf

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The Derby Trailblazers Uunder 16 Girls Northern Conference

Our U16s girls follows on directly from the 2015/2016 U14s team, which was the first national league girls team in the clubs history last season. The future looks extremely bright for this bunch!


Head Coach: Andy Josephs
Assistant Coach: Matt Coleman


U16s Girls 2016 17 DSC 8291 1 Med


Under 16 Girls Northern Conference
Derby Trailblazers 2016-2017 fixtures

Sun 9-Oct-16 12.15pm U16G National Cup R1 Stockport Lapwings HOME
Sat 15-Oct-16 1.00pm U16G North Tameside Royals AWAY
Sat 22-Oct-16 3.00pm U16G North Leeds Force II AWAY
Sat 5-Nov-16 2.00pm U16G North Barrow Thorns HOME
Sun 6-Nov-16 TBC U16G National Cup R2 Nottingham Wildcats HOME
Sat 26-Nov-16 2.30pm U16G North Lancashire Spinners AWAY
Sun 4-Dec-16 12.15pm U16G North Leicester Warriors HOME
Sat 10-Dec-16 12.00pm U16G North Stockport Lapwings AWAY
Sun 11-Dec-16 TBC U16G National Cup QF HOME
Sun 15-Jan-17 12.15pm U16G North Tameside Royals HOME
Sun 22-Jan-17 12.15pm U16G North Leeds Force II HOME
Sun 29-Jan-17 11.00pm U16G North Manchester Giants AWAY
Sun 29-Jan-17 TBC U16G National Cup SF ?
Sun 5-Feb-17 12.00pm U16G North Barrow Thorns AWAY
Sat 18-Feb-17 TBC U16G National Cup Final AWAY
Sun 19-Feb-17 12.15pm U16G North Stockport Lapwings HOME
Sun 26-Feb-17 12.15pm U16G North Lancashire Spinners HOME
Sat 4-Mar-17 12.00pm U16G North Leicester Warriors AWAY


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