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The Derby Trailblazers Ladies Team Blazers ---LOGO-ladies

The Derby Trailblazers ladies team has been running since 2004 and have won awards in the process, a nice mixture of both experienced players and novices, the club caters for all.  If you would like to join in our training sessions, they are on Mondays at 8pm. Any queries please contact head coach Paul Bowen on


Head Coach:  Paul Bowen


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Photo shows some of the Derby Trailblazers Ladies team at an Awards Evening


Ladies Derby Trailblazers 2016-2017 Maid Marian fixtures


12/10/16 Wildcats v Blazers  /  Sparks v Barclays
19/10/16 Outlaws v Hoods  /  Wildcats v Barclays

26/10/16 Half Term

02/11/16 Hoods v Sparks  /  Barclays v Blazers
09/11/16 Blazers v Hoods  /  Sparks v Outlaws
16/11/16 Blazers v Sparks  /  Wildcats v Outlaws
23/11/16 Wildcats v Hoods  /  Barclays v Outlaws
30/11/16 Wildcats v Sparks  /  Outlaws v Blazers
07/12/16 Barclays v Outlaws  /  Wildcats v Blazers
14/12/16 Catch Up Week

21 - 28.12.16 Holidays

04/01/17 Catch Up Week
11/01/17 Hoods v Barclays  /  Blazers v Sparks
18/01/17 Wildcats v Outlaws  /  Hoods v Sparks
25/01/17 Barclays v Blazers  /  Wildcats v Sparks
01/02/17 Wildcats v Hoods  /  Outlaws v Sparks
08/02/17 Wildcats v Barclays  /  Blazers v Hoods

15/02/17 Half Term

22/02/17 Sparks v Barclays  /  Outlaws v Hoods
01/03/17 Outlaws v Blazers