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The Derby Trailblazers Division 4 team

The Division Four Men's team is one of two Men's development teams operating within the club. They were formed in 2011/12 season, to provide an opportunity for over 18 year old players within the club's successful Academy to play national league basketball.


D4-Men -2016-17


Head Coach – Simon Fisher

Simon has around 20 yrs coaching experience, coaching in his home region (West Midlands) with Stoke, Birmingham and Shropshire during his early career. Simon has achieved 120 International Caps, with the distinction of being the first England age-group coach to gain medals and promotion at a European Championships. Simon has a pedigree of developing players for international teams.


Division 4 Derby Trailblazers 2015-2016 fixtures

Sun 2-Oct-16 4.15pm D4 Birmingham Mets II HOME
Sun 9-Oct-16 4.30pm D4 Northants Tauras AWAY
Sun 16-Oct-16 4.15pm D4 Team Wolverhampton HOME
Sat 22-Oct-16 5.05pm D4 City of Birmingham AWAY
Sun 29-Oct-16 4.15pm D4 National Shield R2 Charnwood Riders HOME
Sat 5-Nov-16 6.00pm D4 King's Lynn Fury AWAY
Sat 12-Nov-16 3.00pm D4 Warwickshire Eagles AWAY
Sun 13-Nov-16 TBC D4 National Shield R3 TBC AWAY
Sat 19-Nov-16 4.00pm D4 Sheffield Sabres AWAY
Sun 4-Dec-16 4.15pm D4 Shropshire Warriors HOME
Sun 11-Dec-16 4.00pm D4 Nottingham Hoods II AWAY
Sun 11-Dec-16 TBC D4 National Shield R4 ?
Sun 17-Dec-16 4.30pm D4 Birmingham Mets II AWAY
Sun 8-Jan-17 2.15pm D4 Northants Tauras HOME
Sun 15-Jan-17 4.00pm D4 Team Wolverhampton AWAY
Sun 15-Jan-17 TBC D4 National Shield QF HOME
Sun 29-Jan-17 4.15pm D4 City of Birmingham HOME
Sun 29-Jan-17 TBC D4 National Shield SF Draw to be made after Quarter Finals ?
Sun 5-Feb-17 4.15pm D4 King's Lynn Fury HOME
Sun 12-Feb-17 4.15pm D4 Warwickshire Eagles HOME
Sat 18-Feb-17 12.00pm D4 Sheffield Sabres HOME
Sun 42785 TBC D4 National Shield Final AWAY
Sat 4-Mar-17 6.00pm D4 Shropshire Warriors AWAY
Sun 12-Mar-17 4.15pm D4 Nottingham Hoods II HOME


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