U18 PREM MEN: Premier men win close friendly


Derby Trailblazers - 59
Reading Rockets - 55

Callum Singleton:
I thought it was a great team performance, even though we haven't had many training sessions together as a team so far, I thought we linked up well. Also defensively that is the strongest we have been for a while.

Charlie Brown:
This game showed us how much of a force we can be in the league and it helped us get used to how each other play with some of the new members of the team. This game had put us in high hopes for the start of the season, we just need to stay focused and humble through out the entire season to play to our full potential and possibly get to our end goal.

Coach Kyle Henderson added:
Fantastic display of teamwork and togetherness today. Let's keep that consistent through the rest of the season.


U18s Prem 2016 17

Thanks to all who came to watch too... welcome back to The Wigg!