U16: Match Reports



Blazers v Mansfield

In the 1st quarter the boys showed good teamwork with Ben Shepherd scoring a 3 and Luke Mallaband just being fab. However Coach Colin took the team to task for poor defence and the bench was encouraged to cheer the team on. Mansfield took the lead in the 2nd quarter but by the 3rd quarter Derby’s defence was excellent and the team started making a come-back with their defence holding and shots steadily finding their target. Reece and Luke Pope both scored 3 pointers in the 3rd and 4th quarters with Reece showing some particularly good interception moves. It was a closely contested game with a final result of 76:72 to the Blazers.

Thanks to Isla and Holly for this match report.

U 16-photo
(Thanks to Amrit Khatker for the photo)


Blazers v Northhants Titans

This was a match that very nearly wasn’t, with punctures and car trouble hampering the journey. Anticipation built for the final game of the season as the teams prepared for tip. Luke P’Tak took the tip and the team stormed ahead with 2 three pointers by Charlie and Reece and shots by P’Tak, Naz and an early free throw by Luke Forte, resulting I a strong 7:19 lead. The 2nd quarter was poetry in motion, with the team completely in sync. Charlie Brown and Luke P’tak led the advance with Charlie shooting 2 three’s and executing a ninja move to score a lay-up, Reece scoring a 3 pointer and P’tak steadily shooting on target, all resulting in a satisfying 22:42 lead. the 3rd quarter continued with a steady stream of shots and lay-ups all finding their target leading to a score of 28:61. The 4th quarter saw the Titans making a run of 10 points, but this was halted by a shot from Kane. This was followed up by some steals by Charlie, another 3 pointer by Tank and P’tak, Naz and Charlie getting the last 3 lay-ups to achieve a score of 42: 75. Well played boys!

Thanks to Lex Khatker for the Match report.