U16 Match Report: Derbyshire Arrows and Peckham Pride Cup Game


The first weekend of January was a thrilling weekend that saw 2 matches for the U 16’s. Saturday was a match v the Derbyshire Arrows and Sunday saw a quarter finals cup match v Peckham Pride.


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The U16‘s started the game against Derbyshire Arrows on the back of 9 straight wins, so were feeling confident. Arrows started strong, scoring the first 5 points but when Naz was fouled whilst scoring, sending him to the line and converting, their lead was cut to 2. The quarter was then closely contested with Derby coming out fighting 16 – 15, with the lead changing 6 times. The 2nd quarter started with Luke P’tak sparking a 6 nil run only for the Arrows to respond with the same after a time out. Then a dazzling 3 pointer by Luke Mallaband and a spectacular reverse layup by Luke Pope ended the quarter 7 points in the lead to Derby. They then suffered a Derby 3rd quarter with Arrows having a 12 nil run only broken by Kane’s basket. The quarter finished with Derby still in the lead. The 4th quarter was strong with a run of 14 unanswered points, leading them to win the game 74 – 59, with Luke P’tak as top scorer and Naz and Pope close behind.


U16 match report v Peckham pride cup match


The cup match was a closely fought game, with a 3 point lead from Derby in the 1st quarter, due to some good rebounds and strong defensive playing. The 2nd quarter saw Peckham miss 3 consecutive baskets, but make them up when a foul from Derby gave them 2 successful free throws. Luke Pope made 2 jump shots to take Derby ahead, leading by 2 shots. Luke P’tak and Charlie Brown kept up the fast momentum of the game and Derby won the first 3 quarters, showing strong and organised defense. Fingers were crossed for a win and tension, (especially coach Colin’s) was high. The 4th quarter was an end to end battle, with hustles from Reece Strickland and free throws from Naz and Charlie B, but despite this, Peckham pulled away with a 7 point lead. Derby regrouped and clawed back with free throws from Luke Forte and Charlie B and a timely 3 pointer from Luke Mallaband. A second violation kept the Derby momentum up and the final score was a close 52-54 to Peckham. However the bubble burst and an unfavourable call against Derby led to the final score of Derby 52 Peckham 57. Both teams played excellently and Peckham boys were polite and well-mannered, shaking hands with Derby parents at the end. Both teams were a credit to their respective clubs.


Thanks go to on the spot journalists Tony Shepherd and Harvey who provided the commentary.