U14 Girls v Manchester Mystics 05.03.17


Disappointing performance in tough away trip to Manchester

The Blazer girls were left with a challenging trip to Manchester for the final away game of the regular season. They were asked to make a statement to the rest of the league, but without starting guard Katie this was always going to be a difficult, yet not impossible task.

A quick start was a must, sadly this did not happen with the Mystics taking an early 8 -0 lead before Neve managed to get to the free throw line for 3 points. Tash and Annelise also manage to get on to the scoreboard but the quarter was dominated by the mystics playing some fast transition offense. The Blazers simply failed to get out of the blocks and were being out worked and out smarted on both ends of the court. The quarter ending 25-7.

What was an uphill task was now a mountainous one. But the quarter stared well with Meg Lovatt scoring 5 unanswered points. The Mystics soon regained the momentum with some fast break points and big 3 pointer. 2 further point from Neve and 2 Tash jump shots meant the quarter was more respectable and terms of score line and effort. The half ending 42-18.

Sadly in the 3rd quarter the Blazer relative inexperience began to tell once again. Far too many fast breaks were allowed and the opposition were getting too many easy looks at the basket. The Blazers managed to keep the score board ticking over with baskets from Megija, Tash, Meg L, Lolly and 2 from Kerys. But refinement is needed on the defensive end.

The woes carried on into the 4th quarter and the tired Blazers Team were beginning to wilt against a team which was genuinely 12 deep. A solitary field goal from Tash an a few free throws was all the girls could manage in the final quarter. Final Score a disappointing 81-33.

Coaches Comments:

“You cannot start so slowly against the top teams and it is not the first time this season it has happened. We need to play the opposition and not their reputation.

Defensively we were poor, particularly in transition allowing the mystics far too many easy shots. They probably shot around 75% from the field, this was a combination of good shooting and poor D.

Standards we not where they needed to be.

On a positive note, the girls continued to shoot when they were open, as they are continually told to do: Even the best shooters miss 50% of the time!”


Tash 10, Meg L 6, Neve 5, Kerys 5, Lolly 3, Megija 2, Annelise 2