Trailblazer's Jake Wesselingh heads to Minnesota's Rochester Community and Technical College


Here's a few words from the man himself...

Jake DSC 0486SmI've been at the Trailblazers since I was in the Minis and I'll never forget the day I received the invite by Clarence [Wiggins] to come to the practise sessions.

I've had some amazing coaches at Derby. I thank all of them for the time and effort they put in to the organisation, as it has helped make it the club it is today.

My last few years at the Trailblazers have been amazing! Playing in 3 teams, Division 1, Trailblazers Academy team and in the under 18's team. It's great to think that such an amazing club like the Trailblazers is kept alive by so many volunteers, parents and of course the support from the fans.

Jake DSC 5008SmI remember seeing people at division 1 games when I played last season, who I saw 5 years ago when I came as a supporter. It just shows how much support the team has.

I've just heard the news about the new coaching staff in the D1 team. Matt has made a great decision keeping Michael [Hanson-Morris]. I've never seen someone work so hard as Michael did last season, and he really helped us grind out some close wins too!

Another great choice bringing Paul Bowen in. Someone with so much experience who will bring so much energy to every practise and in to every game.

Paul has coached me alongside Matt and Phil Storer in the Academy team and I know how much he works on making everyone better. He really helps the young players coming through the club.

I'm not sure what to expect for when I head out to Minnesota. All I can say is I'm extremely excited and proud to have got the opportunity to make this a reality.

RCTC_Blue _GoldMy goals are to play 2 years at RCTC (Rochester Community and Technical College) and then earn a full scholarship to a college and finish my last 2 years there. More importantly I hope to receive good grades in an educational course which interests me.

I hope to be back playing for the Trailblazers one day. When? ...I am not sure! It will depend on my career in basketball, or in the course I choose at RCTC.

I'll be back to watch the Trailblazers at Christmas as long as there are games for me to come and watch.

Big thank you to everyone at the club, for all the amazing years Ive had.


I know I speak for the entire club when I wish Jake all the luck and best wishes on the amazing journey he is about to begin. Flight is on the 15th of this month, so get your hi5's in quickly! ~ Lee

(Photography by Alan Mousley, AGM Pics)