Academy News: England call-up for Leighton Elliott-Sewell


Congratulations to Leighton Elliott-Sewell who became the latest Trailblazers to earn an England cap, making his international debut in France for England Under 17s in the annual Cherbourg tournament.


Leighton Call Up Med
Photo Credit: Ross Norfolk & Kate Cummins


Leighton has come through the junior system at the club and is know on the Academy and has played for the under 18 and division 3 team this season.

In Cherbourg, Leighton played decent minutes as England won 3 and lost 1 on their way to a 5th place finish.

Coach Shaw added "it's a great achievement for Leighton, we are proud of his achievement. Now he's got a taste for it, he must kick on, rather than sitting back, because he needs to get even better and work even harder.